A: We would say that our products can be for different audiences like, children, grown-ups, elderly people because of the wide product range we have.

A: Please find the contact of our sales team on down on this website.

A: We love to help our clients enter to a new field. So if you have any questions with the products, be our guests and email to info@weccantoys.com

A: Our sales team can help you with that. And you can also visit our page on Alibaba, we post new products every now and then. Link: https://weccantoys.en.alibaba.com/company_profile.html#top-nav-bar

Normally all our quotation sheets remain valid for 30 days upon the quoting date, and in which the days of validation will be shown.

We always manage to set the price as favorable as possible for our customers.  But there will always be times when the packing material industries or the TF Card industries be having a ‘Price Storm’, which is often out of our control. But being able to have a couple of our long-term cooperating suppliers, we lower that risk to the least.

Well, that’s something, I believe, that all suppliers are trying to avoid hearing. But truth always hurts. When one product is developed to a certain period, for example toys, that’s when ideas spread. We innovate 3 items per year to avoid being copied or taken ideas from. I will suggest you compare the quality and material using, as well as the price when you are caught between two similar items.

Please do not hesitate to find us for wholesales prices!

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